Supercruise Aviation - Museums
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RAAF Museum

RAAF Base Williams
William Road
Point Cook, Victoria
Telephone : +61 (0)3 9256 1300
Fax : +61 (0)3 9256 1692

Last visit on 2-3-2017
Fake Serial/Code
Avro 643 Cadet Mk2 A6-34 VH-RUO Australia
BAe HS748-228 A10-601 Australia
C-130A A97-214 Australia
C-130E A97-160 Australia
CA-12 Boomerang A46-30 Australia
CA-18 Mustang Mk23 A68-170/AM-G A68-750 Australia
CA-25 Winjeel A85-401 VH-NTY Australia
CA-26 A94-101 Australia
Canberra Mk20 A84-236 Australia
CH-47D A15-106 Australia
CT-4A A19-027 Australia
DB-7B A28-8 Australia
DH82A A17-711 VH-BFF Australia
DH84Mk3 A34-92 VH-AML Australia
DHC-4A A4-152 Australia
F-111G A8-272 Australia
Farman MF.11 CFS20 Australia
Freight Mk21E A81-1 VH-SJG Australia
Hawker Demon I A1-8 Australia
MB326H A7-001 Australia
Mirage 3O(A) A3-92 Australia
Mosquito PR16 A52-600 Australia
Pika A93-2 as C-2 Australia
S-51 A80-374 Australia
UH-1B A2-1020 Australia
UH-1H A2-377 Australia
Vampire FB31 A79-375 A79-876 Australia
Vampire T35 A79-616 Australia
Walrus HD874 Australia
Canso A 11060 A24-104 Canada
F-4E 69-7208 97208 United States of America
O-1G 51-4591 0-14591/VH-OIE United States of America
Avro 504K E3747 Replica
Be2A Replica
RE.8 A4397/ZK-RES Replica
SE.5A A2-31 Replica
Sopwith Snipe E8050 Replica
Spitfire A58-492 Replica