Supercruise Aviation - Museums
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Historical Aircraft Restaration Society (HARS)

Cnr Airport Road and Boomerang Avenue
Albion Park Rail NSW 2527
Telephone : +64 (02) 4257 4333
Fax : +64 (04) 4257 4388


Last visit on 27-2-2017
Fake Serial/Code
B707-338C A20-627 Australia
C-47B A65-94 Australia
C-47B A65-95 as VH-EAE Australia
CA-7 A20-224 Australia
CA-25 A85-435/35 Australia
CA-27 A94-901/01 Australia
Canberra T4 A84-502 Australia
DHC-4A A4-210 Australia
DHC-4A A4-234 Australia
F-111C A8-109 Australia
MB326H A7-030/30 Australia
Mirage 3O(F) A3-42/42 Australia
P-3C A9-753 Australia
S-2G N12-152812/851 Australia
SP-2H A89-273 Australia
SP-2H A89-281/81 Australia
Vampire T35 A79-637 Australia
Vampire T35 A79-665 Australia
N1002 285 France
SP-2H 147566/566 France
TA-11 bis-B 816 Poland
Hunter FR-74S 503 as VH-FRH Singapore
SNJ-5 C.6-163 as VH-XAN Spain
AH-1P 76-22598 United States of America
C-47 41-18660 as VH-AES United States of America
L-19A 51-12472 United States of America
PBY-6A 46679 as A24-362 United States of America